Skolt Sami Museum

Temporary exhibitions

Saa’mi jie’llempäiggsest – saa’mi da pââ’zzteei Treffan jie’lli ä’rbb On the path of the Skolt Sámi life – Skolt Sámi and the living heritage of Saint Tryphon Art exhibition May – August 2022. The exhibition is on loan from the Skolt Sámi cultural foundation in Sevettijärvi and the Lapland Orthodox foundation Parish. In 2021 they merged earlier exhibitions with new material to create this one, introducing the experience of Skolt Sámi culture – trough sound, photos, icons, traditional handicraft and other items. Earlier exhibitions: 100 Sámi portraits Torgrim Halvari, Tundra Archieves 2.0 Inger Blix Kvammen, Pearls of the mountain Skolt Sámi cultural foundation, Portal openings Aslaug M. Juliussen, and  Fieldwork Kristin Tårnesvik.

The permanent exhibition

Saaʹmijânnam The Skolt Sámi Land Our main exhibition, Saaʹmijânnam Skolt Sámi Land, is divided into three separate rooms that combined present the complex history of the Skolt Sámi from three different perspectives. In first the room, called The People, guests are treated to information on how the communities organized themselves, as well as traditions and cultural roots. The round room, The Country, portrays the different seasons and how they influenced the Skolt Sámi way of life. Here guests are shown the nomadic lifestyle between seasonal settlements, and what the most important resources are at different times of the year. The last room, called The World, shows how the outside world over the ages has brought new influences and changes, but also difficulties, to the Skolt Sámi Land. In this part of the exhibition, the question of indigenous rights is also discussed. The main exhibition is 200 m2 and about 300 objects are on display. An important design feature of the exhibition is the graphical enhancement of the Skolt Sámi language. An important element is also to convey information in the other languages used by the Skolt Sámi people: Russian, Norwegian and Finnish. In addition to those languages, the information is also in English. The exhibition is the result of a collaboration between exhibition designer Yngvar Julin, graphical designer Martin Skulstad, and former leader at Ä’vv Honna Havas. https://nordregio.org/research/saa%ca%b9mijannam-the-skolt-sami-land/ Exhibition review (In Norwegian):