Varanger Sami Museum

The Várjjat Sámi Musea/Varanger Sámi Museum (VSM) communicates the coastal Sámi history and culture, the prehistory of Finnmark and Sámi handicraft – duodji. Main themes of the exhibitons are Prehistory (the Stone Age periods), Sámi faith and mytholgoy, pre colonial Sámi society, the primary economies: reindeer herding, fishing and animal husbandry.

The main building of the museum, which was built during 1994, has an interesting architecture based on Sámi house building traditions. It contains the main exhibition The Coastal Sámi, the children´s play room “Stallobiedju” (The lair of Stallo), and different temporary exhibitions, such as art, photography, handicraft, etc.

The museum also functions as a community centre with different cultural events during the year.