Temporary exhibitions

Saa’mi jie’llempäiggsest – saa’mi da pââ’zzteei Treffan jie’lli ä’rbb

On the path of the Skolt Sámi life – Skolt Sámi and the living heritage of Saint Tryphon

Art exhibition May – August 2022. The exhibition is on loan from the Skolt Sámi cultural foundation in Sevettijärvi and the Lapland Orthodox foundation Parish. In 2021 they merged earlier exhibitions with new material to create this one, introducing the experience of Skolt Sámi culture – trough sound, photos, icons, traditional handicraft and other items.

Earlier exhibitions:

100 Sámi portraits Torgrim Halvari, Tundra Archieves 2.0 Inger Blix Kvammen, Pearls of the mountain Skolt Sámi cultural foundation, Portal openings Aslaug M. Juliussen, and  Fieldwork Kristin Tårnesvik.

På sporet av det skoltesamiske liv under temporærutstilling